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We’ve been around long enough to quickly understand the needs of your property and decorate it to show at it’s best. From design direction to installation, your staging and successful sale is our top priority. 

Full Staging

A full staging is geared towards an empty property. The client/tenant has moved out and the home is completely or mostly unfurnished.We will bring in all the necessary furniture that compliments the structure and style of the home along with accessories, linens, plants and flowers to help your property show at its absolute best. We are small property specialists and are especially happy to focus on 1 and 2 bedroom condos, lofts and single family homes and have the furnishings and furniture to show them properly. 

@Work from Home

Zoom room design/layout/backgrounds, lighting. Working from home has introduced so many challenges. At this point, what we see on Zoom is what “is”. Let us help you present your best self. Let FRESH help you create professional, comfortable, functional WFH spaces in your home. We can do in-person, sanitized and masked, or online Zoom (what else?) consults. We can help you figure out backgrounds, lighting, room layouts and help you acquire them and get everything set up. *We can also help your “student learning zones” be more productive as well.

Partial Staging

A partial staging is a perfect option if the owner is still living on the property during the Open House/Sales process if this is a necessary option.We will work with the existing furniture, rearranging, editing and adding furniture, accessories, artwork, plants and flowers… always remembering that the tenants need to live here on a daily basis during the sales process. Living in a staged property is challenging, but we make every effort to help clients work through the sales process with the most ease possible.


FRESH offers consulting services for renters and owners. We offer a cost-effective initial 1.5 hr consult with 1.5 hr online follow-up. We can quickly and efficiently go over the entire home/apartment, discuss your desired changes or outcomes and offer immediate recommendations as well as follow-up info on additions and modifications. We are available to consult out of the immediate area as well.​​

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Fresh Home Staging Works

A few of our recent staging installations

Fresh Home Staging Works

A few of our recent staging installations

Fresh Home Staging

Who We Are

Fresh Home Staging consistently deliver quality work at reasonable prices and always enjoy feeling proud of the interiors we create. We love the opportunity to work with clients who appreciate our level of expertise and experience. Please check our Yelp reviews to see what our clients have to say.

Sandra sprang from the beach cities south of Los Angeles and brings a love of design and furnishings, a degree in Industrial/Product Design along with a knack for marketing to FRESH. She thoroughly enjoys working with agents and clients to make the process as pleasant, professional and successful as possible for all parties.

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 Sandra helped us quickly sell our condo with her fabulous staging skills. And while that accomplishment tends to be what most people focus on, the way in which Sandra conducts business is very much worth recognizing..”

Kim N.

San Antonio, TX

Fresh Home Staging is the absolute tops. Beautiful design highlighting all the amazing things about our place and really placing it in it’s best light.”

Abbie W.

San Francisco, CA

“As a long time realtor in SF, Sandra is my go to Interior Designer and Stager. All my clients have been happy with her team.”

Tom K.

San Francisco, CA


Frequently Answered Questions

Do you rent or own your furniture used in home staging?

​​​FRESH owns all its own furniture. We carefully select furniture from our vast collection specifically for your property and enjoy the flexibility this gives us in choosing the most up-to-date colors and styles for you. If we feel strongly that your property needs a certain type of furniture we don’t have in stock, we will happily purchase what is needed to create the perfect setting.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a staging?

We are happy to accommodate “last minute” staging decision makers if our calendar permits, though we recommend scheduling 3-4 weeks in advance to be sure to hold a date in our calendar.

Do you have references?

YES, we do. We have very satisfied clients, many of whom are happy to take a few minutes to speak with you about their experiences working with us. Don’t be shy, just ask during the walk-through of your property and we’ll be happy to provide the names and numbers of a few agents, sellers and current open houses. If you’d rather, check our Yelp reviews.

Can you do a staging with pets living in the property?

We are big animal lovers here too, but we have learned from experience that we lose more than we gain when we install new furniture into a pets domain. They are not happy about it and usually let us know in their own special ways. Sorry.

My client is going to be living in the house during the sales process… can you help us?

Generally, yes. We call that a partial-staging and it follows much the same process. A complimentary walk-through assessment is done, where we can discuss the possibilities directly with the agent and the client to see how we can bring the property up to its best possible sales/presentation condition.

What is the typical time a home needs to be staged?

​The SF market fluctuates and we have a standard industry contract of 60 days which tends to be just about enough time to go through the entire selling process. All the while having the property perfectly presentable for inspections, walk-throughs, etc from beginning to end. Extension contracts are available as needed.

We love your furniture and accessories, can we buy them?

We love our furnishings too, which is why we need to keep it for our stagings. We have custom pieces as well as off-the-shelf items that we’ve taken great care to collect so we can offer you top quality looks at great prices. Thanks for the compliments, though.

Who does the actual staging set-up?

FRESH is a tightly run hands-on staging company. We limit the amount of jobs we take per month so we can give each project the time it requires to do a great job. We’ve got years of experience and we love what we do. The walk-through is the time we are introduced to your property and start deciding which furniture and styling is best for your space – before and during the process. We also handle all of the installation along with assistants and movers, creating a warm, appealing and inviting space that welcomes people into your property and leaves them with a memorable vision of the space – not just a house full of furniture. We pride ourselves on helping our clients deliver the best possible product to the market and we aren’t finished until it looks just right.

Why do you use live plants?

We have high expectations for ourselves and though working with live plants can be more time-consuming on our side – remember we maintain them during the entire staging – they add an immense amount of warmth and “aliveness” that is just not possible with fake greenery.

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